Hamlet Protein strengthens swine team in USA

May 13, 2020 - Hamlet Protein announced the hiring of Dr. Diego Navarro as Swine Nutritionist for USA, Canada and Mexico (NCA Region), as the company aims to solidify our position in the US, whilst increasing their market presence in Canada and Mexico.

Feed and livestock producers are recognizing the importance of an optimum nutrient supply in the first life stage to promote productivity gains throughout the animal’s life-cycle. For more than 25 years, Hamlet Protein has been focusing successfully on young animal nutrition – piglets, calves and chickens – with our vegetable protein specialty ingredients. From our production plants in Findlay (Ohio - US) and Horsens (Denmark), we export to customers all over the world.

The US has an approximate 6.4 million breeding herd and 71.2 million market hog inventory for a total swine inventory of 77.6 million head. That makes the US the 2nd largest pork producing country and the largest pork exporter in the world. Over the years, Hamlet Protein has consistently invested in production capacity and teams. The addition of Diego Navarro to the team, confirms our commitment to the NCA markets.

Diego pursued a BS in Agriculture at the University of the Philippines, Los Baños and majored in Animal Sciences with a specialization in Swine Production. His undergraduate research focused on the effects of porcine peptones on the production performance of weaning pigs. He moved to Illinois in August 2012 to pursue his MS with Dr. Hans Stein. His MS work determined the amino acid digestibility and concentration of energy in processed soybean and rapeseed products fed to pigs. In 2018, Diego earned his PhD with a dissertation entitled “The correlation between the physicochemical characteristics and the energetic value of dietary fiber in feed ingredients used in swine diets.”

“The US swine market is facing challenging times right now, with an uncertain outlook. However, we believe in the strong fundamentals of our industry and are committed long term to supplying our goods and services to swine producers in the US in particular and the NCA region in general. We are excited about strengthening the team through the hiring of Diego and which allows us to share his academic insights and professional experience with our customers,” stated Grady Fain – Regional Director NCA.