Manuka Biotech enters Malaysia, looking for worldwide distributor partners

October 19, 2020 - Manuka Biotech welcomed its first container in their regional office warehouse located in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia on 12 October.

Manuka Biotech is a subsidiary brand under Singao Co., Ltd., one of the largest butyrate salt manufacturers in the world. Singao is also the first in China to launch water-soluble micro-encapsulated fat powder and its MCT series for animal feed application. 

The reduction and elimination of AGPs in animal diets has led to increased intestinal health challenges and a higher incidence of diseases such as salmonellosis, leading to significant economic losses for producers.

Taking advantage of the well-established technology from Singao, Manuka Biotech is delighted to introduce a range of functional and innovative fatty acid additives to Malaysia and the world, an effective way to enhance performance with or without the inclusion of antibiotics.

Manuka Biotech’s range of products are based on in-depth knowledge of fatty acid functional properties in animal nutrition:

1.BTRTM Series: Butyrate-derived solutions –

1.BTRTM 98: A pure sodium butyrate that optimises epithelium integrity

2.BTRTM Benz: Organic acid coated butyrate resulting in greater digestive and growth efficiency

3.BTRTM Tannin: Synergistic antibacterial effects. Reduces wet dropping and diarrhoea

4.BTRTM MCT: A complex of MCT & tributyrin effectively against broad range pathogens

5.BTRTM E50: A 50% purity tributyrin additive

2.LipotechTM Series: Microencapsulated functional supplements –

1.LipotechTM Ω3: Omega 3 enriched foods and lactation aid

2.LipotechTM Ω3 Plus: A nutritional tool to protect liver function and reduce abdominal fat

3.LipotechTM BA: A natural endogenous emulsifier complex facilitating dietary fat & oil utilization

4.LipotechTM MCT: A comprehensive metabolic regulator securing animal performance

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Lai ZhouWen, the Chairman and founder of the Singao Group, chose to embrace cautious optimism, instead of stepping back from expansion.

“We see the pandemic as a potential prospect to provide an alternative to the world of feed ingredient supply chain who have experienced disruption. Aligning with the concept of ‘One Health’, safeguarding animal health has never been more important. By protecting animal’s health, we can protect the public’s health against zoonotic diseases, and secure the profitability of farmers while providing consumers healthier and safer animal protein choices,” explained by Dr. Lai.

“Our group is moving aggressively with a 50% growth in sales compared to last year. In this year alone, two more new production plants were successfully set up and are running in China in addition to the existing plant in Longyan, Fujian province. Manuka Biotech, a regional office located in Kulai, Southern of Malaysia, is a part of the group global expansion strategy.”

Dr. Lai aims to have the production facility in Malaysia installed and commissioning as soon as the world pandemic gets better.

Manuka Biotech is opening its doors to worldwide distributors who are interested in building a partnership with them and making their products accessible to the domestic market.