Biomar introduces smaller pellet size for INICIO Plus starter feed

December 29, 2021 - BioMar introduces a new pellet size in the INICIO Plus product family. Fish farmers’ favourite starter feed INICIO Plus is now available in a smaller pellet size, making an exceptional alternative for first feeding of fry across various species.

The new INICIO Plus pellets have a diameter size of 0.35 mm. They are optimized for covering the nutritional requirements of the smallest size fry and for giving an improved feeding experience at the very first stages of life for a fry. This extension in pellet size range of INICIO Plus offers a robust and sound growth for many fish species including trout, salmon, and marine species.

In addition to an optimised nutritional coverage at first feeding, the new INICIO Plus 0.35 mm pellets provide less dust and thereby lead to less feed wasted, compared to the use of granulates. Utilising INICIO Plus creates a cleaner water environment to the young fry. At these early life stages this leads to a better conversion of the nutrients contained in the feed. State of the art production methods and innovative design solutions secure slow sinking speed of the pellets, allowing for a good feeding success of the fry.

"BioMar’s new production line, dedicated to fry and RAS feeds, at the Danish factory, gives results beyond expectations. We are very happy to be able to produce extruded pellets in such small size. Satisfying the nutritional needs at very first feeding enhances good growth in the production of sound and robust fry, says Iannis Karacostas, Technical Director, BioMar EMEA. - The formulation of our new INICIO Plus pellets is based on comprehensive knowledge in fish nutrition and feed production techniques gathered by our Global R&D department, combined with a continuous and close collaboration with customers all over the world."

The new member of the INICIO Plus family gives the necessary boost to the fry at the very beginning of their lives. By combining the probiotic Bactocell® and the multi-strains yeast fraction B-WYSETM, INICIO Plus feeds help stimulate the immune system of the fry and provide high survival rates. A special mix of antioxidant vitamins and gut modulating ingredients are also included in the feed formula to improve performance parameters of the fry.

Prior to launch, INICIO Plus 0.35 mm pellets have been tested in various ways including trials on commercial hatcheries.

One of the hatcheries that have run these trials is Danish RAS based trout farm FREA A/S. Here, farm manager Henrik Christensen is supervising the feeding of the fry.  According to Henrik Christensen, the INICIO Plus 0.35 mm pellet delivers to his expectations: - The physical quality of the 0.35 mm pellet allows for a slow speed of sinking of the feed particles. This provides a larger time frame for feed uptake to the fry and by this, they are given better conditions for optimal feed conversion. These are parameters that need to be optimal for giving optimal conditions to each single fry to be well prepared, sound, and robust in their ongrowing life.

 "We strongly believe and hope that this innovative feed solution will make a difference for both the fish and the farmers. First feeding with the nutrients delivered by the new INICIO Plus pellets is a step forward in providing the best first feeding experience", Iannis Karacostas concludes.