Dr. Eckel launches Anta®Catch to defend against dangerous endotoxins

February 16, 2021 - Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition launches an innovative endotoxin specialist following two years of development. Specially developed to defend against dangerous endotoxins.

Livestock bears the brunt of endotoxin contamination: all too often, this results in hoof infections, ear or tail necrosis, liver disease and diminished performance due to an overactive immune system. To help feed producers, farmers and animals combat endotoxins, the multidisciplinary team of experts at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, has spent two years of intensive development to produce Anta®Catch, which farmers and producers can get the threat posed by endotoxins under control.

Better genes and intensive feeding have resulted in more productive livestock. However, one problem is becoming more acute: endotoxin contamination. The latest research confirms what farmers have been saying all along: endotoxin-related problems are not isolated cases and occur even on very well-managed farms. For example, 50% to 100% of piglets are affected by tail, ear or foot pad necrosis from as early as their first day of life, and as many as 90% of slaughtered bulls have tail necrosis due to high levels of endotoxins. But these visible symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. Endotoxins stimulate the immune system, which costs the animal a lot of energy—energy that is no longer available for growth and performance. It is not only fattening cattle and swine that are affected: endotoxins also pose a serious threat to the welfare and health of dairy cows, poultry and aquaculture produce, and the profitability of the respective farms.

“Feedback we had been receiving from customers for some time increasingly indicated the presence of high endotoxin levels. The available options did not seem to be helping much,” explains Iris Kröger, Technical Sales Manager at Dr. Eckel. “It was clear that we needed something new. So we decided that we would be the ones to find it.”

The Dr. Eckel development team took a two-pronged approach: the careful selection of raw materials to counteract endotoxins effectively; and the development of a unique process to activate Anta®Catch.