New Zealand poultry feed consumption growing steadily

March 12, 2021 - New Zealand saw consistent growth in feed consumption in the poultry sector between MY2013 and MY2019, amounting to approximately three percent growth annually, according to the USDA GAIN report.

However, during MY2020 chicken meat production fell as result of the ceasing of exports to Australia in 2019 because of an Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) outbreak at an egg production facility. Additionally, during 2020 the response to COVID-19 impacted the quick-service restaurant sector and food service, reducing chicken demand.

Feed use by the poultry sector (including both egg and chicken meat production), peaked in MY2019 at approximately 700,000 MT, but FAS/Wellington estimates feed use in MY2020 fell slightly to around 690,000 MT. The poultry sector uses approximately 12 percent of the total grain and feed consumption. It is very dependent on imported feed, accounting for 70-80 percent of its needs. The feed mills servicing the sector are mostly located close to the main ports.

At the moment imported feed is sourced from several origins: wheat from Australia, corn from Eastern Europe and the United States; and soybean meal mainly from Argentina.