Second culling of pigs in a week in Hong Kong due to ASF

February 17, 2021 - The Hong Kong government (HKG) confirmed the first African Swine Fever (ASF) cases of the year in six pigs on a local farm on February 4, 2021. Two days later on February 6, 2021, two pigs in another shed on the same farm tested positive, according to USDA’s GAIN report.

These two cases of ASF led to the culling of 250 and 590 pigs, respectively. The current HKG policy is to cull pigs in the same shed as any pigs confirmed to be infected with ASF. Pigs on the infected farm and farms located within three kilometers are not allowed to move until further notice.

The Hong Kong government will offer compensation to farmers based on the number of pigs culled. The Hong Kong government assured farmers and the public that they have stepped up surveillance of all farms in Hong Kong and encouraged farmers to report on any abnormalities concerning the health of their pigs.

The majority of live pigs in Hong Kong are supplied by imports from mainland China on a daily basis. Local supplies account for 15 percent of total supply. The table below shows the live pig supplies in February 2021. As indicated by the Hong Kong government, the ASF cases in Hong Kong will have a minimal impact on overall supply.